The Brewing Methods

At Broadway Roasting Co. we initially started with four brewing methods such as the traditional Chemex, French Press, Aeropress, and Clever Coffee Dripper.


This is an old fashioned way and a traditional one of brewing coffee originating in the 1940s. The process involves of slow and steady brewing of coffee. This method is to be considered being used again the present time after its short disappearance. The method requires pouring of hot water of coffee beans and a filter that should be three times thicker. As a result, the coffee has a smoother texture and stronger flavors. The extracted coffee will also have less fatty oils than a coffee brewed from a standard drip. Chemex machines can also keep your water at a steady 180-200 degrees.

French Press

Coffee masters and also coffee lovers consider French Press as the one for the active just because it has higher caffeine compared to others. For brewing, just add the coffee beans in the pitcher, add hot water, and steep for around five minutes. When it is ready, just push the strainer down, and here goes a freshly brewed coffee. Just remember that the longer and more thoroughly your beans are steeped, the higher caffeine content you will get which is why this is exactly for those who needs a kick in the morning. It also worthy to note that French pressed coffee contains a large amount of Cafestol – a content in the coffee that can cause cholesterol increase.

Standard Drip

The source of all, the most used method, and the traditional of all – standard-drip brewing requires pouring of water to the beans of coffee on an automatic machine. Many coffee lovers prefer this method over the others because this is a fast and a traditional way of brewing coffee. Take note that is also the healthiest among others as the filter at the top of the machine can absorb most of the coffee beans’ natural oil thus making it less high in Cafestol and caffeine. However, less caffeine also means less strength for your coffee.

Single Serve

The type of brewing method best suitable for sleepless office workers and students – single served coffee works like just the standard drip brewed coffee. Only, the coffee is already pre-portioned. All you need this method is a tiny pod for the machine and you can have your cup of strength for the day. No hassle, for just five minutes, you can go up and keep up on your game. The difference of result depends on the type of pods that will be used. Dark roast coffees have the most cancer-fighting antioxidants and light roasts have higher caffeine content for stronger effects. Remember that pods can also change and affect or alter the flavor of the brewed coffee.