Reasons to Love Coffee

Even coffee lovers know that there sayings or even “facts” saying that coffee is bad for your health and it could reduce a human lifespan by who knows how many – 5 years? Anyway, we are here to talk about why you should love coffee and let us get some factual information on it. We know, we are old, we should not just believe whatever is on the internet. We need to validate information and read on credible websites only. By credible I mean such as Huffington Post and such. So, before heading on and doing your research make sure that they are conducted by real researchers, scientists, professors and other credible and noble persons. You could also check on for contact information because a real researcher who contributes to the welfare of the community would be welcoming any questions in regards to their research, correct? Alright, let us start.

Fact 1. Did you know that two cups of coffee can greatly diminish post-workout muscle pain by roughly 48%? Yes, you can check it out here to learn more and understand more about the research.

Fact 2. In the 20-38 grams of recommended intake of fiber, a cup of a brewed coffee represents 1.8 grams of contribution to that ideal fiber intake.

Fact 3. 6 or more cups of coffee per day can reduce the risk of diabetes by 22%. Research conducted by Dr. Hu from Harvard shows that consuming coffee per day reduces the risk of type II diabetes by 9%.

Fact 4. Did you know that caffeine can also potentially protect the brain from Alzheimer’s disease? Read more of that here and discover what more to it is

Fact 5. 4 or more cups of coffee per day can reduce depression by 20% based on a 10-year study involving more than 80,000 of female nurses. Cool, is it not?

Fact 6. Your cup of coffee can reduce the risk of colorectal cancer. A moderate consumption of coffee can greatly decrease the risk by 26%.

There are more to check on out there. The list just goes on. You better head on and do some wide research on this because the facts stated above are just the tip of the iceberg. There are more to be discovered, and the research will still unfold more. Now, get your cup of coffee and  read more of these great facts.