Our Coffee Beans

Ever since we started and developed our roasting legacy blends, our supportive fans and clients have perhaps come to know it being an important part of their everyday coffee ritual – whether it be at their office, at home, restaurants, supermarkets, or in our coffee shop. We care to make a unique roast profile and make a mark in the industry, and it lead us in creating signature coffee flavors by adjusting roasting and degree. So, what makes our coffee, our coffee beans better than anyone else?

The answer is simple – it’s the people behind everything. We are and have dedicated and passionate individuals who do not only care about profit but also what is beyond that. Coffee is one of the most consumed beverages in the whole world; it’s not just a cup of something you drink, if form bond, social connection, it keeps us active and energized – it’s special. Thus, we also have a particular way of making the best coffee out there. We put our hearts into our work to create unique flavoring – strong, smooth, sweet, bitter, everything.

As you may have known it already, we started the business ran by our father, Roger. A small backyard was all we had as a start, but as we grow the business, we began to have friends in other places, in Colombia in particular, who are what we call coffee masters. We learned a lot from them as they taught us many things such as soil conservation, fertilizer application, planting new rust resistant varieties of coffee, and farm revitalization. The farm we looked into, not only works on producing coffee beans but also in preserving the nature. They started producing organic coffee as well as a variety. It was an amazing learning experience that also, as we acknowledge it, plays a significant role of how we attained success today.

Yearly, we make sure to reconnect to our coffee masters in Colombia. It became a tradition to us like it’s a company delegation. Our whole team will be there to immerse and learn new things and in return, we also buy their coffee beans and sell them at the store. It is our way of supporting one another. For us, it is not really about the competition. It is always about producing the best quality for the fans that always believed in our capabilities. We commit to making our clients more than satisfied and we think we are doing a good job.