How Coffee Began

As coffee enthusiasts, we should at least know where and how coffee craze began or who invented it. You have already read how your cup of coffee gets there or the types of coffee perfect for you, now we are going down to history. Stay with us and swear this is not going to be that boring history class you used to skip in college. Yes, just a little bit of dates and all. The interesting part is that we get to know the countries who first tasted coffee. Exciting, is it not?

Coffee is now known to be growing worldwide, but it traces back to its origin in the ancient coffee forests located on the Ethiopian plateau. According to legends, Ethiopian goat herder Kaldi is the one who discovered the magic beans of coffee. According to the study, Kaldi’s goat ate the berries, and he noticed that they became so energized that they do not want to sleep at night. After his observations, Kaldi reported this to the monastery, and they began to make a drink out of the berries which confirmed that the berries gave them strength and energy for a couple of hours. The monk in the monastery began to share this knowledge with other, and so the news spread like wildfire.

As the news move like the wind, it reached the Arabian Peninsula and the journey of coffee beans started across the globe.

To the Arabian Peninsula

This is where everything began – the coffee cultivation and trade industries. Coffee trees are being grown in the district of Yemeni in Arabia around the 15th century. By the 16th century, it was also widely known in Persia, Egypt, Syria, a Turkey. During this time, coffee is not only enjoyed personally at home, but there is also a place called qahveh khaneh which is a public coffee house or what known today as cafe or coffee shop. It began appearing near the east, and the popularity of coffee became crazily known across the lands. Coffee was also accompanied by music, performers, or even while they are playing chess.

Spreading to Europe

Here come the travelers to the east and discovered these magical black beverage people are drinking in the peninsula. It was the 17th century when European travelers brought coffee with them, and it started becoming wildly popular in the continent of Europe. At first, people are doubtful of the beverage and even called it as “bitter invention of Satan,” even the clergy questioned the beverage during 1615 in Venice. Because of the rumors spreading, Pope Clement VIII was asked for advice, and he tasted the coffee himself and found out that it was tasty and there is nothing evil about it, so he gave his approval.

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