Choosing Your Perfect Coffee

There a whole bunch of coffee types out there, some consider a strong brewed coffee a part of their routine while others prefer Frappuccino and or any sweet beverage with a hint of coffee. This drink is regarded as one of the most consumed beverages in the whole world and as we say there is a lot on the menu. Now, everyone thinks of finding the perfect coffee boost for them and of course we are here to discuss some of our favorites.

As other might consider it, there is always something behind why we love things – why you love strong coffee over the sweet one, why you prefer lights out when sleeping, why you choose greens over meat during mealtime and so much more. To determine which type of coffee is perfect for you, we are going to use a little bit of Psychology. Oh, do not worry, this is not going to be very technical and mind bugger.


Espresso is for someone who is born to be a leader and more of a doer than a follower. People who love this coffee work very hard and always try to get on top of their game. One always tries to make things perfect and the straight A student in class. Others look forward to this person because of his management and leadership skills, and it serves as an inspiration to others both in and outside the office. Also, espresso drinkers are often noted as straightforward and honest.


Double Espresso

A double espresso drinker is a logical thinker and knows how well to handle directions. This person prefers to take clear and concise instructions from the boss rather than going through and guessing which has to be done. This coffee drinker is also hardworking that is why this is the perfect coffee to take. This coffee drinker loves to keep things in order and everything tidy. A plan made is not just to remain a project, but it should be followed accordingly.



A latte drinker is a person who sometimes has difficulty making decisions in life. A latte lover is considered laid back in nature but thinks everything can be simple as long as he/she remains calm. This person takes the time to think about things and loves to make oneself comfortable in situations – a risk taker.




The sophisticated being, cappuccino drinkers are classy and packed with a sense of style and fashion. This person does not make or crack corny jokes because he/she likes to stay classy. This one is very amiable and artistic in nature.



This coffee lover prefers to keep the random element in his/her life. In general, a Frappuccino drinker appreciates every detail every day and loves to keep it positive and energetic. Since this person likes sweet, he/she is always up for an adventure and new beginnings or unfolding new page in life.