About Broadway Roasting

Broadway Roasting Co. started roasting beans in 1997 when Rogers Kowalski started to grow his passion for coffee beans as a barista in a local coffee shop in Arizona. Later on, Rogers decided to grow Arabica coffee bean plant in their small backyard and experimented his own unique methods of roasting the beans. At first, his wife refused to support what Rogers want but later on agreed to give it a try.

It was first named Kowalski Roasting Co. and later on changed when Kowalski brothers took over the business. The first month for Rogers’ newly opened small store of beans was not easy. The bills are coming and he is not working anymore at the local coffee shop because he wanted to focus on his start-up roasting company. So, his wife, Mariel, took on the pressure while he works hard at the roasting station. Two more months have passed and his roasting skills and techniques improved that it leads him to his first few clients. Soon, Mariel, a clerk, decided to work in a local store for part-time and help Rogers in their growing business. Gradually, they were able to buy loading trucks, a sufficient land for planting one more variety of coffee plant, and new equipment for roasting. He also started opening the door for hiring helpers with an efficient knowledge about coffee beans.

In 2007, Rogers’ eldest son, Andrew, showed his interest in the family business and started to get his training in handling and running everything. Later on, Andrew’s two little brothers, Sam, and Dennis joined their eldest brother. Sam still took his college degree in Accountancy while Dennis a diploma in Commerce; their skills other than their knowledge on roasting coffee greatly helped in the family business. Meanwhile, Andrew completed his study at International Barista Academy to further enhance his skills. He also took business finance and basic accounting to help his brother Sam in managing their business finance status. In 2010, Kowalski brothers opened a coffee shop four blocks away from their roasting store which also adds success to the family.

Today, Broadway Roasting Co. is thriving to cater the premium quality of coffee beans to their local clients and soon they will also start to export their beans internationally. The brothers are up to coming up with a new unique taste of coffee that people can only found in their store.